Komatsu use excavator operation common sense

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Komatsu use excavator  also need to pay special attention to many operational precautions during use, so as to ensure safe operation. Let us take a look at the specific operating common sense below.
First, the equipment must be fixed for people and positions
Now many users buy Komatsu use excavator, which are also a kind of fixed assets with relatively large investment. They hope to use the excavators to obtain more economic benefits. In the succession, it is also necessary to do a good job in the handover of various conditions of the equipment to ensure the safe operation of the excavator.

Second, after entering the construction site, it is necessary to observe
After the excavator enters the construction site, it is necessary to do a good job of observation in many ways to see how the surrounding environment of the excavator's working face is. It is necessary to ensure that there are no obstacles within the radius of rotation of the excavator. After sending, no one is allowed to stand under the bucket, and the driver cannot enter the cab of the excavator.
Third, do a good job of maintenance
Komatsu use excavator still need to do daily maintenance and maintenance work during use. It is best to record the daily use of the excavator, and repair it in time if any problems are found.
During daily operation of Komatsu use excavator, the above matters must be paid attention to, so that the machine can run better and bring us more help.

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